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Here is the application you need for your sport's betting, horse racing etc.For all the races on which you want to bet, PronoSynthesis make the synthesis of all the predictions you find.Enter each predictions (two input methods available) with a weight depending on your confidence in this prediction, then click "Compute" and you have instantly the synthesis.You quickly see what all the predictions suggest you to bet. Color chips used to highlight the numbers that confidence is more or less hight.Now you can enter the tipster associated with prediction for better visibility.When the race is over, you can check the arrival and know which tipster was the most viable in this race with four indicators. You can also save this data to get global statistics on each registered tipsters.Presence of a feature of bets calculation from odds to ensure a fixed profit.
If you have any problems (technical or translation) or if you wants new features, do not hesitate, contact me.
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